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Release date 2006
Presentation completed by Allan  for the Knowledge Network 2006 Level 05 assessment presentation question - Topic - Presentation on your School






2006 ICT Award Winners at Grey High School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Africa


Allan van den Berg Grade 11 Knowledge Network: ICT Award prizewinner 2006

"KN (Knowledge Network) empowers learners through a “step by step” learning curriculum, where the most advanced features in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are mastered. Throughout the course, other skills are also developed, including:

©     Presenting ideas and products;

©     Listening and applying;

©     and developing unique products that can challenge even the most creative minds.

These skills are all combined in a 4h level 5 paper, where all the concepts mastered over the last 4 years are used.

Perhaps the most notable advantage of the course is that it empowers you to create your own IT solutions, and not rely on other people. These skills form a critical part in the modern business environment, and it gives learners the confidence to succeed when challenging tasks are proposed."

Henno Klingelhoeffer Grade 9 Knowledge Network: ICT Award 2006

"We have all made tremendous progress in Knowledge Network since we started in Grade 8. We’ve been introduced to, and mastered a wide variety of skills which have opened up many new possibilities when it comes to projects and presentations. Computer skills are essential in today’s modern world, and we at Grey High school are extremely privileged to be using the Knowledge Network course."


Chris Warnes Grade 8 Knowledge Network: ICT Award prizewinner 2006

"The Knowledge Network course has taught me many useful skills and enhanced my computer knowledge throughout the year. I can use these skills for the rest of my life."



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