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Grey High School Outreach Programme 2006 - Ndzondelelo High School - using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System

Feedback from the learners about the programme


The Best Three Years of My Life
"Being a student at Grey High School has been a wonderful journey. I have so much information about computers and especially Knowledge Network. Sometime I would feel like not coming to Grey but then I would think who am I kidding because this is my future. This program has really helped me in various projects and in applying for Jobs and in making my CV."  Nontuthuzelo Jolingana

"Coming to Grey High School for computer lessons I have learn how to use a computer how to draw up a presentation and to type fast. I have been coming to Grey High School for 3 years now. I am grateful to Knowledge Network and Grey High School for giving me an opportunity to learn how to use a computer and to improve my computer skills." Silengile Neliseko

"After 3 years of being taught computer skills by the teachers of grey high school yes it’s true time flies when you’re having fun. Well I must say that I’ve learned a lot from the computer courses that have been given to us by GREY HIGH SCHOOL. I mean like that’s very noble and nice of them to dedicate their time to teaching and facilitating us through thick and thin, and the best thing is that we didn’t even pay for such hospitality. They gave us this opportunity to learn and experience new things that never thought that we could learn coming from a disadvantaged school. While some of us dropped out of the programme some of us stayed with the programme because we knew these skills that we learned here we’re going to help us in the near future. So I thank GREY HIGH SCHOOL from the bottom of my heart for this awesome opportunity." Buseka Charlie

"First of all for the whole three years I had lots of fun. This has brought the world of Technology into my mind. Also it has opened the doors of my future. I have never thought that I will do lessons like: Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word Etc. These lessons have helped me a lot like school projects & CV’s."  Bongani Mpangeva

I’ve learnt how to tape and how to do projects on a computer. I feel that this program has help me a lot , now I know things about computers I didn’t know before. I really had fun and still am. Mfuneko Ngumbela

My comments on the Out Reach Project
"I have enjoyed this in every way I could and this will help me in the near future in terms of typing and presentations. I always thought that being in front of a computer is boring but now Grey High School has proven me wrong because I see that it’s fun and exciting. I am now able to help my friend with their project and stuff and even surprised myself in doing so. I thank Grey High School for allowing me to in this project and to explore. My life has changed for the better because now I can work faster, type faster and get information faster than I could do in the past. I did my best and I thank my teacher Chris Townsin for his good work and dedication."  Siyabusa Charlie

"I think I had a mark-of-favour to be one of the chosen pupils at school, because I had no advanced knowledge about computers. These computer lessons gave my mind great enrichment and brilliance to all my subjects. It was a great experience with happiness and amusement to attend these classes. Thanks to you Mr Chris Townsin and as well you Mrs Irvine. for you have done a wonderful role with your hearts wide open and with a lot affection. May you spread the information you have abundantly to everyone who seeks enriching information in computers." Kwanele Gqunta

"These past three years were the most memorable years of my life. At first it was hard to wake up on an early Saturday morning to go to school ,although it was hard it was for my future .I have gain the most interesting information and I hope that Mr Townsin will succeed in life for everything .I will miss you."  Nosiphiwo Ngxangane




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