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Umtata is now Mthatha






St Joseph's proud record
Knowledge Network's IT Learning System yields results at St Joseph's school
The learners at St Joseph's JSS school in Umtata, Eastern Cape are celebrating the achievement of outstanding results in IT for yet another year - in 2004, 94% of the learners received certificates for the Knowledge Network IT external examination, and 93 - (a total of 246 learners out of 264) for 2005.

St Joseph's school is implementing the Knowledge Network IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme for Grades 07, 08 and 09. A unique learning methodology called ILAMM is being used by the educator to present the classes. ILAMM, integrated learning and mentoring methodology, was developed by Jil D Hrdliczka in 1994.

The learning methodology enables accelerated learning and the simultaneous development of IT skills, creativity, lateral thinking, logic, problem-solving ability, life skills, listening, concentration and memory skills, research, planning, and time management. Incidental learning, cross-application learning and cross-pollination of skills form part of the learning process.

The Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology creates a fun learning environment for both the learner and educator. Emphasis is placed on the development of self-esteem and confidence building, and providing learners with the coping skills they need for each session and application.

Mrs Abraham, IT Educator and Network Administrator of St Joseph's J S S school says that “Creativity is part of all the sessions and it makes the learners think laterally and logically. Development of creativity, listening and problem-solving skills, together with cross-application learning, in an outcomes based learning situation makes the whole programme more interesting and challenging to the learners and educators.”

“Searching the world wide web and email could have been exciting, but unfortunately we have no Internet connection. Research, planning, time management, presentation and working with different media are all part of the Knowledge Network programme that makes it so special and different from other IT programmes.”

For Ziyanda, one of the learners at St Joseph's, the first few days of IT were not so good for some of the learners as they did not know much about computers, but with the help of their educator, Mrs Abraham, they got there. The learners learnt using software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint , Microsoft Excel and Paint. The one-hour examination involved learners completing a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation, one of the slides requiring interpretation and creative input from each of the learners. “During the examinations we had to print our work to be sent to Johannesburg. Our teacher showed us how to print and we did it ourselves.”

Other learners at St Joseph's Grade 08 classes said that they did not have much technical knowledge of computers but Knowledge Network helped them to perform school-related or personal tasks. “We enhanced learning and productivity and had a lot of fun during the sessions. Since the capabilities of knowing a computer are now critical to our success in any field that we work in, we are happy that we obtained such important skills through Knowledge Network”, say the Grade 08 learners.

Unathi of Grade 09F says that “I've learnt that we can create unique and beautiful designs that we can gain or make money out of. It can be put in famous magazines and you can be known for your creativity.”

Learners at St Joseph's attended one session a week and at the end of the year, they completed the Knowledge Network assessment.

Congratulations to St Joseph's learners for achieving outstanding results for IT, and to the educators for their delivery of the programme and standard in the marking of the assessments.

(Umtata is now Mthatha)

Extracts from the assessments submitted by learners at St Joseph’s School for the Knowledge Network® 2005 Assessment






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