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Release date 1994
Text from the first K-Net Newsletter to all kids and teenagers






1st K-Net Newsletter to all kids and teenagers
Hi! Welcome to the first edition of the K-Net News, the K-Net Technology Network's monthly newsletter.

This newsletter belongs to you!

Not to your parents or even the people who run K-Net. It's here to let you know what's happening at the TechnoNet and for you to tell us what's happening in your lives.

If you've got computer hints, news about a new game, a joke you heard or the solution to some serious techno-problem then let us know and we'll print it for you.

That's what K-Net is all about.

K-Net is for everyone into computers. Whether you're a serious guru who knows a computer inside out, or whether you've never seen a computer before, it makes no difference. There's something for everyone. And we won't just throw you in with the other kids your age. We'll make sure that you're in a group of kids at the same level of expertise as you, because at K-Net knowledge knows no age.

Think of the Technology Network as a launch pad waiting to blast you into a whole new world. A world where thoughts move at the speed of light, where ideas become reality and where you are totally in control.

That is what computers can do for you if you know how to use them. They will play games, help you to complete projects, turn you into an artist and let you network with other kids all over the world. The only limit is your imagination.

So don't hang around! Come on down and join K-Net...the network with more byte.

K-Net Megabyte
He's faster than light, bright red and has more energy than a swarm of bees. It's got to be the K-Net MegaByte.

This strange little creature can often be seen whizzing around the K-Net Technology Network getting up to all sorts of mischief, so we thought we had better introduce him to you.

He's made of pure energy and feels at home shooting through the circuits of a computer. If he wants to get around he can hitch a lift on a stiffy or floppy disk or shoot through a network or modem. When you take a programme at K-Net you might find him darting around your screen trying to make friends (MegaByte loves company).

So keep your eyes open for him.

One place you can be sure of finding him is on the disk in this package. On the label of your disk you will find instructions to activate MegaByte. Follow the instructions and then watch what happens.

You could make a new friend.


K-Net Lingo
Here are some words and names you might comes upon at K-Net Technology Network. We've provided a little explanation of each to help you out.
Bits & Bytes A great place where you can grab a snack, network with your friends, buy computer accessories and read about happenings.
Computer Guru A real whiz-kid. Someone who knows his or her computer inside and out.
Hybernet A place where you can "hang out" and relax between computer sessions.
K-Net A technology network for kids and teenagers. It is dedicated to helping them learn how to make computers work for them.
K-Net Megabyte A mischievous little character who's made of pure energy. He lives inside computers, networks and stiffy and floppy disks.
Mentor One of the staff at the Technology Network who are there to help out with any problems you might have. All the mentors are certified COMPUTER GURUS as well.
Net-One This is where the action is! In Net-one you learn how to make a computer work for you. It's the nerve centre of the whole Technology Network.
Technonet Short for Technology Network
The Lab A facility for high-tech shared equipment. This includes scanners, colour printers and sound and video equipment.
The K-Net Workshop for Gurus
The K-Net Workshop runs during the week as well as on weekends. The Workshop is for gurus in graphics, animation, programming, desktop publishing and repairing PCs. Joining the Workshop enables you to use your computer talents and earn a bit of extra cash. The K-Net Workshop will repair PCs, upgrade PCs, setup PCs or prepare advertising flyers. For more information about the K-Net Workshop call Jil Hrdliczka.
Who? What? Where? When?
We have structured the programmes so that there is something for everyone. If you are not very experienced then a TechnoLaunch is the programme to start with. The K-Net programme schedule will give you all the information you need about the programmes - when they run, who should register, how to register, how much they cost and who to call for more information.

We have also tried to answer some of the questions you may need to ask about K-Net. Read the details on the schedule and if you still have any questions call us.








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