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A cut above the rest
ęDisney's Kidzworld
(South Africa)
August 1995
Issue #8









A cut above the rest...

Loud music, flashing light, a really cool atmosphere - not your average computer conference! But then K-Net isn't your average computer centre.

The national technology conference was held in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in June, and was a brilliant success.

The day was packed with exciting demo's and talks. Windows '95 was even demonstrated and some lucky kidz got to try it out. Did you know that Windows '95 has more parts in it than a huge Boeing passenger aeroplane, or that Microsoft are spending about a billion dollars just on testing the software! Other cool Microsoft products were shown like Ancient Lands, Cinemania and Encarta.

After this we were taken on a ride all around the earth on the Internet - visiting the USA, Holland, Germany, Australia, even hopping over to Japan - all with the click of a mouse. We learnt how to use email - and found out that there are about 40 million users at the moment, with more joining every minute! Not only were we shown programs and how to use them, but we also learnt how to program a calculator in 10 minutes using Visual Basic.

Silas and some of the other K-Net presenters showed us the projects they had made on PowerPoint and just how easy it was to do!

All the demonstrations were really cool, but my personal favourite was the one on Apple computers. We were shown a demo video that was created in less than 2 hours, and one was even made in front of us - that was really amazing!

The National Technology Conference was the computing event of the year! 

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