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Cooler by the minute
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Cooler by the minute

So you read about K-Net in the last issue of Channel Chat and thought, "What next?" Jil Hrdliczka, K-Net innovator, asked herself the same question. Only she didn't view it rhetorically; she viewed it as an opportunity to fulfill her vision of staging the first ever technology conference for kids and teenagers.

Because K-Net is one of our key partners in addressing the education and home computing markets, Jil's vision quickly earned our support and became the K-Net/Microsoft National Technology Conference for kids and teenagers.

Says Helen Putland, our reseller manager: "While Microsoft has the products that make learning fun, K-Net's approach to making technology accessible to kids provides us with an excellent vehicle to really reach kids and teenagers.

"In terms of developing the market for the Microsoft Home range, K-Net is one of the most exciting concepts we've seen in this country."

So how did the conference go? 500 delegates nationwide responded with enthusiasm to an action-packed program and the majority cited the Microsoft Home sessions as the conference highlight. Ask yourself: "What next?"


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