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Computer facility opens for kids
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5 December 1994









Computer facility opens for kids

A new technology network, aimed at youngsters from ages four to 17, has opened its doors in Rivonia.

K-Net, the first facility of its kind in SA, is the brainchild of Jil Hrdliczka, previously principal of the Damelin Computer School.

"K-Net is a technology network for school-going kids and teenagers," says Hrdliczka. "The kids learn how to make computers work for them. We teach them to use it as a tool to help in what they are doing - and they have fun."

While the emphasis is on fun, Hrdliczka says there is a sound educational philosophy behind the K-Net programmes. "The kids work in an open environment, they are motivated and their ideas are their own," she says. "Best of all, nothing they create using computers is ever wrong."

K-Net is staffed by educationalists and computer industry specialists who have had many years' experience working with children in recreational, teaching, leadership, computer and sporting environments.

Programmes at K-Net are project-based, with kids grouped according to interest and experience rather than age, in keeping with the K-Net belief that knowledge knows no bounds.

"I have never met any kids who are not excited about technology, want to have fun with computers and learn how to use them more effectively," says Hrdliczka. "The interest is there and computers are the best tools to use for entertainment, research, school projects, broadening of general knowledge and general development.

Children who have an aptitude in the technical aspects of computers, art, publishing, programming, creative writing, music and digital video can develop their talents at K-Net." The facility is divided into two areas - the computer section and the recreational facility, where kids can relax and which will also house a computer shop where they can buy or exchange equipment.

K-Net is offering holiday programmes as well as afternoon and evening sessions during school terms. Prices range from R500 to R800 depending on the programmes. For more information call on (011) 803-5554.


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