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Half-day training - is this a new trend
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Spring 1996









Half-day training - is this a new trend?

30 people from First National Bank recently attended a customised training course on Windows 3.1 designed and run by K-Net.

Rob Wassink of First National says that K-Net's morning only option for corporate training is most suitable because it allows the staff to get back to work and service their clients.

K-Net courses for adults and corporates are run in the mornings or evenings. Jil Hrdliczka says that most of their corporate clients prefer mornings only courses.

"K-Net courses are 100% hands-on and focused. People learn what they need tog get the job done. No time is wasted on irrelevant facts or theoretical explanations.

Everything you learn you learn on the computer. People learn far more by doing and in a morning you can gain many skills. By lunch time you are ready to go back to the office," says Hrdliczka.

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