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South Africa
February 1996









Kids having a bit of fun

Infonet Techno Rave!

Know anything about the cool world of computers or are you clueless?

The kidz that attended the recent K-Net TechnoRave could certainly show us how much fun computers can be. They spent an afternoon playing games like Command and Conquer, Mortal Kombat and Fury III and had fun exploring the Internet (the computer boffs would scoff at our use of "explore". They call it "surfing the Net"!)

The Net is really can create your own home page where you put your photo and write about your hobbies as well as giving info on anything you like. Then, when someone wants to find out more about you, all they do is call up your page.

What is even more exciting is that you can chat to someone live (possibly even in some exotic place...You could even try your luck and communicate in some foreign language!)

The K-Net Seminar helps kidz understand their own computers and teaches them how to use the most updated packages. During these fun Raves, they also offer some really great prizes so that lucky kidz can take the goods home and practise to become real pro's.

Next K-Net TechnoRave is to be held this month (February), so if you're interested, you can call K-Net in Johannesburg on (011) 803-5554.


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