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Teenagers develop web site for radio station
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Spring 1996









Photo with press article:
Taking a break from web site information gathering at K-Net: Rhys Leppan (15), James  and Jess Druker (14)

Teenagers develop web site for radio station

Teenagers who are currently attending K-Net courses and who are part of the K-Net Mini Business are designing and developing the Global Internet Show web site.

The Global Internet Show runs on Wednesday evenings on CANI FM 98.7. CANI stands for constant and never-ending improvement, a station established to motivate, educate, inform, inspire and entertain.

The web site will achieve the same goals and will evolve through constant and never-ending improvement! Ann Clark, K-Net's Customer Care Manager and head of the K-Net Mini Business says that this is a great opportunity for teenagers who are studying at K-Net. "They learn many different computer skills at K-Net. It is an integrated computer learning environment. This means that we do not cover topics in isolation.

Teenagers (and adults) learn how to complete a whole task which may involve graphics, word processing, e-mail, faxing, scanning, research, sound, file management and using the Internet. Web site development involves a number of these disciplines. Teenagers can apply what they have learned and it's ongoing. They also get to work with K-Net mentors who share their years of computer experience with the teenagers.

Gerry Hrdliczka, who has worked in the computer industry for sixteen years, will be helping the teenagers." Gerry mentors at K-Net and also leads the K-Net multimedia development team. K-Net produces disk- and CD-based software applications for their corporate client's product launches and product promotions.

"The teenagers will gain enormously from Gerry's computer experience and knowledge as well as his team leadership and project management skills," says Ann.

The Global Internet Show web site is unique because it involves the listeners. Listeners phone into the show or e-mail the show with their ideas on what they want from the site. The K-Net coordinators gather the information from the listeners and feed it back to the technical team who handle the site development. The site will be changing all the time to suit the needs of the listeners.

Cool vibe, cool graphics and great music while you learn

Rhys Leppan (15) is the Global Internet Show web site coordinator at K-Net. Rhys is currently attending K-Net's TechnoCruise course. Rhys is also the guy who reports back on the web site development on CANI FM.

"I felt comfortable with the vibe at K-Net and there is so much to do. I learnt a stack - from morphing to really cool graphics using CorelDRAW. The techniques I have learnt using a program like Paintbrush you wouldn't believe.

Teenagers go to K-Net at different times and you take your own music to listen to while you learn. I go to K-Net on Friday evening (Friday nightout action only starts at about 10:00, that's way after the K-Net action.)

I did the TechnoLaunch and have now moved onto the more advanced TechnoCruise course. The sessions are really cool, you learn stuff you want to learn - from graphics to web site links - and you can have a challenge at pool before you leave.

Being a coordinator for the web site is an experience. But then K-Net's a whole new experience. It's the place to be."

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