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Unique learning environment
ęSandton Chronicle
Spring 1996









"Look at our great achievements
Mom" Darryl Slade (10),
Bradley Slabe (7) with Mom
You learn how to use a computer, and how to think and plan. Darryl Slabe (10)

"Apart from learning how to use a computer, my kids have gained in self confidence and have acquired many other skills that enable them to cope better with situations in their daily lives." Avril Slabe

Unique learning environment for kids

"When I walked through the front door to K-Net, I knew I had done the right thing by selecting K-Net as the computer learning environment for my two children.

I was very impressed by how the K-Net staff communicated with the children and answered their questions. They all seemed to be on the same wavelength. My children did not look on the staff as teachers, they saw them as more as friends. I have I have since realized why K-Net staff are called mentors and not lecturers.

I felt very comfortable leaving my kids there for one and a half hours because of the environment. It feels like home. K-Net also has a fun area for kids. I like that idea, it gives the kids a place where they can socialise while they wait to be collected.

The progress I have seen over the year has been vast. The kids attend the K-Net session and can come home and apply what they have learned. Apart from learning how to use a computer, my kids have gained in self confidence and have acquired many other skill that enable them to cope better with situations in their daily lives.

The relaxed atmosphere sparked my interest in computers, I enrolled on a K-Net course for Absolute Beginners and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend K-Net for adults. You leave the course having had a great deal of hands-on experience and are able to get the job done." Avril Slabe

You learn how to use a computer, and how to think and plan

"I love K-Net because you have your own computer, you don't share computers. You share ideas and chat about different things but when it comes to doing things hands-on, you can plan and do your own thing on your own computer. It's great to plan something, do it, and then see what you have achieved when it prints.

I have been going to K-Net for a year and after a slow start I am now really getting into graphics. Have completed TechnoFun and TechnoBlast and am currently on the TechoCruise programme.

I attend K-Net on a Saturday morning and after every session, I rush home and do the same thing on my home computer. My parents are always amazed at the ideas and skills we gain during the sessions. I really enjoy the scanning sessions.

My mentor gave us a few ideas about what we could do. I decided to scan in a photograph of myself as well as the front cover of a sport magazine which had Francois Pienaar holding up the worldcup. I edited the background of my photo and edited it into the magazine cover.

When it was finished, it looked as though I was standing next to Francois holding up cup. You learn a lot about how computers, scanners and screens really work when you do something like this. K-Net makes me feel good about myself and my marks at school have improved because I use the skills I have learned at K-Net to do my school projects.

K-Net has taught me how to think and has developed my creativity - a talent I did not know I had. I really enjoy doing projects now because K-Net has given me a fun way of doing them.

I love K-Net Bashes and have been a product presenter at one of the bashes. At the moment I am part of the Mini Business Graphics Team. We are very busy doing 3D graphics n CorelDraw 5 for the 1996 K-Net / Microsoft Annual National Conference.

Since going to K-Net, I have got a modem and now surf the Net. Being a part of the K-Net Club means you get discounts on hardware and software. My next dream is to get a scanner. (It would make a great birthday present!) I don't know how my parents and grandparents lived without computers!" Darrly Slabe (10)

What does Bradley say?

"K-Net is the place for me. You learn things that you can do on your computer at home. Since going to K-Net I have bought many software packages - Magic School Bus, 3D Movie Maker, MS Office and Windows 95. You can see them and decide if you need them."

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