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Up your school marks in Pascal
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Spring 1996









Taking a break during Pascal sessions at K-Net: Glynn Henry, Ashley Kitchen, Taryn Pods, Lebohang Maknetna, Ryan Broadfoot, Kersten Vermeulen, Jared Goedhals Up your marks in Pascal

Up your school marks in Pascal

Taryn Pods (15) registered for the K-Net Pascal programming course for teenagers who are talking computer science as a school subject. The course covers the Std 8 Computer Science curriculum and includes practical program writing.

"K-Net has taught me just about everything I know about computers, and I thank them very much for this. I am achieving amazing results for computer studies at school, thanks to the Turbo Pascal course that they have.

When I arrived at K-Net for my first course, I was very nervous as I didn't know anyone. I was met with friendly faces and many smiles. I settled in immediate. I learned how to work in Windows, how to scan, print in colour properly and work in Microsoft Office. I enjoyed working in Windows 95 so much so that I want to work in it more often. So I went out and bought it.

The next course was a tough one but I enjoyed it all the same. The Building and Repairing PCs course was very detailed. It was great because we had Gerry as our mentor. There was never a dull moment. I was the only girl in the course but the other guys didn't seem to mind. The course that I am currently on is Turbo Pascal for Std 8. I have learned so much, and am so grateful for all the help. I understand the subject so much better."

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