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September 11 1995 Workgroup supports K-Net
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11 September 1995
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K-Net kids with Lynn Strathern of Workgroups Distribution (in the foreground Natalie Mat, Brett Manson, Yair Sappir and Nicolas Caddy)

Workgroup supports K-Net

Workgroup Distribution has pledged its support for K-Net, the technology network for children and teenagers between the ages of three and 18 which provides hands-on experience on all major software products.

Workgroups Distribution's Lynn Strathern says the function provided by K-Net will give immense benefit in terms of computer literacy in the workplace.

"In the long term it will produce young adults with excellent computer skills covering a wide range of computer applications. This in turn will strengthen their post-school education and enhance their careers," she says.

"We believe our support of K-Net will further enhance the organisation's ability to provide a wide range of software for students to learn. This list is already impressive and includes products such as CorelDraw 5, Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint and Paint Brush."

K-Net MD Jil Hrdliczka explains that K-Net already has over 900 registered kids and teenagers in Johannesburg alone. "We also provide remote club membership for kids and teenagers countrywide who participate in club projects every two weeks," she says.

Course duration is about 12 weeks, running about one-and-a-half hours a week. Hrdliczka says three-year-olds are introduced to computers on Computer Magic, a computer orientation course done in groups of six which is proving to be highly enjoyable and effective.

"Three-year-olds learn very quickly and it is an ideal age to start learning how to use a computer as a tool. For older students we believe computer education is not merely teaching people to use a spreadsheet or word processing package. We believe that education must include complete solutions - graphics, multimedia, faxing, E-mail - and within this solution lies the mastering of a spreadsheet and WP package," she adds.

For the section on school projects, kids and teenagers are given projects that require them to access information from an encyclopedia such as Microsoft's Encarta, select the appropriate topics and produce their own diagrams and text graphics using Powerpoint.

A publishing package such as Publisher is used to produce professional-looking documents. CorelDraw is used in the graphics and animation courses. Kids and teenagers learn how to produce professional, print-ready designs.

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