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K-Net MegaByte

He's faster than light, bright red and has more energy than a swarm of bees. It's got to be the K-Net MegaByte.

This strange little creature can often be seen whizzing around the K-Net Technology Network getting up to all sorts of mischief, so we thought we had better introduce him to you.

He's made of pure energy and feels at home shooting through the circuits of a computer. If he wants to get around he can hitch a lift on a stiffy or floppy disk or shoot through a network or modem. When you take a programme at K-Net you might find him darting around your screen trying to make friends (MegaByte loves company).

So keep your eyes open for him.

One place you can be sure of finding him is on the disk in this package. On the label of your disk you will find instructions to activate MegaByte. Follow the instructions and then watch what happens.

You could make a new friend.




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