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What's happening in 1995?
The action at K-Net doesn't stop when the holidays do.

You can join TechnoNet programmes that run right through the school term, to give you a break from all that homework.

Weekday afternoon sessions

If you are hanging around after school with nothing to do, then why not spend one afternoon a week at the Technology Network. Ten one-hour sessions over ten weeks will get you going - you'll be a computer guru in no time.

Weekends - Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons

If you can't come during the week, you don't have to miss out. You can attend programmes on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon. We have also scheduled guru programmes on a Saturday morning.
Saturday afternoon workshops
In addition to running programmes on a Saturday afternoon, we also run Workshops which are three-hour stand-alone sessions. Workshops are designed for kids and teenagers who want to keep up-to-date with the very latest technological developments and what's happening in technology ("surfing" the net, computer viruses, electronic bulletin boards, games, virtual reality or graphics). Some great entertainment is included in the programme.
Programmes for you and your parents
If you want to join a programme with your parents, phone your K-Net mentor to obtain the dates and times for the programmes which are designed for you and your parents.
K-Net Club
Join the K-Net Club to get your monthly newsletter, K-Net Club T-shirt and your K-Net Club Card. You can save money on computer equipment and software that you buy from K-Net Bits and Bytes and on the K-Net programmes. Your Club Card number is automatically entered for our monthly prize draw AND during the year you get six FREE disks containing all kinds of amazing software. Fill in and post your K-Net Club form today!

The K-Net Mini Business

The K-Net Mini Business runs during the week as well as on weekends. It is for gurus in graphics, animation, programming, desktop publishing and repairing PCs. Joining the K-Net Mini Business enables you to use your computer talents and earn a bit of extra cash. The K-Net Mini Business will repair, upgrade and setup PCs, do desktop publishing and print advertising flyers. For more information about the K-Net Mini Business call Jil Hrdliczka at K-Net.

So don't worry about it. School holidays may come to an end - but the action at K-Net never does.



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