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What people say about the courses
"There are several factors which place Knowledge Network ahead of other training companies. I grew from a complete novice to a competent user of Corel and it's associated programs." Peter Mellett
Computer Technology for Educators
"With the careful teaching we received, and the interest shown in each of us, we all reached levels we would never had believed possible. We developed both breadth and depth of knowledge with specific relevance to the teaching situation." Mrs A Tillwick / Mrs P Walker, Athlone
"I have found my new skills to be invaluable in the teaching environment. The emphasis on hands-on learning and cross-cultural options is essential for the acquisition of these skills." Lynn Knowles, Assumption Convent School
"We have thoroughly enjoyed the course and know that we go out as empowered individuals, to face the total onslaught of computer technology in the classroom, with a smile on our faces. There is still so much we want to learn. We will be back." 

(Extract from letter written by all educators on one of the courses)"

Web site development
"The course is great, excellent and I recommend it. I am up and ready and already doing web-site design (after a 4 week course). I already have two clients and am doing my company's site. I know exactly what to do." Web-designer of Kells Publishing House.



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