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Gustav Gerber, Educator Walmer West Laerskool

1st Five Weeks - Educators report back on what the learners have achieved
"The learners are enjoying their sessions.  I like the way the learners start to think laterally after only 4 weeks of Knowledge Network sessions."

Ronel Maarschalk, Educator, Verkenner Laerskool

First 5 weeks of the Knowledge Network IT Curriculum at Verkenner
"I am amazed at what the learners have achieved (after only 4 weeks of Knowledge Network sessions). Knowledge Network is a really good opportunity for me as a teacher because of the skills I am gaining all the time - not only the computer skills but the skills I am gaining by watching the children do the work."

Marlinde Delport, Educator, Verkenner Laerskool

"I am amazed at the ability of the Grade 0 learners and how much they understand and achieve on their own after only 4 weeks of Knowledge Network."

A E Marshall, Head of Department, Veritas College

Goal-oriented curriculum meets all levels of computer expertise

Each Knowledge Network session has a specific aim which is attainable by all pupils. The differentiation that can be attained is excellent in our situation, where certain pupils are much more computer literate than others. The sessions set attainable goals, but also allow every student to produce work at their own level of expertise. We hope that every student that completes this course will be computer literate and therefore better able to compete in the job market.

What the learners say ... Eden, Grade 3, Tom Newby School

"Computers are interesting and very exciting, you can do lots of things that are fun. I loved making the biscuit boxes. I like it so much, I hope we can do it more often. Now I know I can do things on my own computer at home and not get stuck."
Miss M Gibbs, HOD Junior Primary Department, Tom Newby School

We started running the Knowledge Network Information Technology Curriculum on Monday, 23 February 1998.

The children are so enthusiastic and keen to learn and apply what they already know, that they are producing exciting work. Undaunted by change, unafraid of technology, our children are the new warriors of the Information Revolution. Thank you to Knowledge Network and all those who have made this "Computer Fun" a reality to our children at Tom Newby School."

A fun learning culture for teachers and for learners

The Junior Primary teachers have not stopped enthusing about it the computer centre. The time spent in the Centre has been extremely worthwhile and we cannot wait to return each week. It has been amazing to see how quickly the pupils have learnt (far quicker than the teacher, I’m afraid!). A whole new world has opened up for pupils who do not have computers at home and it has been even more rewarding to observe these pupils on the computers!

Thank you Tom Newby Governing Body and Knowledge Network for this wonderful experience.

Feedback from the Principal and Educators at St Joseph's R.C. School

Louise Killian, Educator, St. Joseph's R.C. School
"The learners really enjoy their Knowledge Network sessions and I am amazed at how much they remember from one session to the next."

Peter du Preez, Principal, St Joseph's R.C. School
"I am very proud of what the learners are achieving and I wish our School had joined Knowledge Network 10 years ago." 

Dec 1999 - Grade 4 and Grade 6 learners at Midrand Primary report .....

"It is cool."  Nkateko Grade 4 "I think it is very entertaining for kids and they learn a lot, and it's fun." Maxwell Grade 4
"It is educational"
Lesiba Grade 6
"It is fun and has lovely things for us to do." Emile Grade 4
"It is interesting and it teaches you skills." Gary Grade 6 "I find it very interesting and fun." Bongi Grade 4
"I find it very interesting." Tanya Grade 4 "I find it fun to work on the computers and it is interesting." Thuli Grade 4

Halfway House Primary School

"Creative thinking is wonderful"

This year has been a fun-filled one. Our computer center was upgraded to Windows 95 and MS Office 97. What I really liked was that we did so much creative thinking which is really wonderful!

The teachers were understanding and helped us with whatever we didn’t understand. I’m thrilled that we’ve moved one step into the future. I learnt more than last year and I think that we all know how to move around in a program. Computers, for all of us, is the highlight of the week. We know how to type faster and explore programs like Excel and Word. Halfway has really prepared us for years to come in the business world. Thanks Halfway!! You did the right thing!

Gareth Grade 7

"Computers can develop your mind"

I think the computer centre is a great thing because we learn a lot and we learn how to use a computer. I have impressed my Dad in showing him things that I do at home. Like when we learned how to do a movie, my Dad had never seen the computer do that before. My Dad and my Mom were happy because I was learning something important.

Matthew Grade 6

Learners from Grey High School - 2006

In this ever-changing world, how to use a computer is a vital skill that many boys’ develop in the ICT class, using the Knowledge Network curriculum.  Graeme Kruger 9A

ICT has helped me a lot in my school life and recreationally at home. I have been taught many skills that most people in the world don’t know about. It has opened my eyes to many possibilities, and that programs that look so simple can be used to create many complex tasks. A simple assignment would be a huge undertaking without concepts and skills that the Knowledge Network curriculum has equipped me with. We take for granted how much computers help us in a daily lives.  Shane Hübsch  9D

I believe that the ICT programme that we follow from Knowledge Network is very useful. My knowledge of word processing, presentations and spreadsheets has improved greatly. I have gone from doing very basic things in these programs to using many of the advanced functions within the 2 years I have been at Grey High School.  Christopher Goosen  9D

We have covered a lot of work since we started Knowledge Network in Grade 8. We have made a lot of progress in all different types of assignments and projects. We have learnt how to do these assignments under specific time limits, thereby improving our time management and the speed at which we need to complete them. These projects have been completed using quicker and simpler methods – we are starting to work smarter rather than harder. Our progress has improved dramatically, and we are learning new concepts and ideas all of the time. Our skills are improving steadily, and will be put to good use in the business world.  Dale Fulton  9D

We have all made tremendous progress in Knowledge Network since we started in Grade 8. We’ve been introduced to, and mastered a wide variety of skills which have opened up many new possibilities when it comes to projects and presentations. Computer skills are essential in today’s modern world, and we at Grey High school are extremely privileged to be using the Knowledge Network course.  Henno Klingelhoeffer  Grade 9  Knowledge Network: ICT Award 2006

I have benefited immensely from ICT using the Knowledge Network programme. I can type faster, create websites and professional presentations. John Calder  9E 

In our technologically advanced world, it is becoming important for people to equip themselves with IT skills. These skills allow learners to explore various graphic, mathematic and creative solutions for common business ideas.

KN empowers learners through a “step by step” learning curriculum, where the most advanced features in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are mastered. Throughout the course, other skills are also developed, including:

©     Presenting ideas and products;

©     Listening and applying;

©     and developing unique products that can challenge even the most creative minds.

These skills are all combined in a 4h level 5 paper, where all the concepts mastered over the last 4 years are used.

Perhaps the most notable advantage of the course is that it empowers you to create your own IT solutions, and not rely on other people. These skills form a critical part in the modern business environment, and it gives learners the confidence to succeed when challenging task are proposed.

Allan van den Berg Grade 11 Knowledge Network: ICT Award prizewinner 2006

The Knowledge Network programme offered by my school, has afforded me a superb opportunity to develop my skills in computer applications. The structure of the programme allows people with limited knowledge to learn in a simple way and achieve results.

The various Levels emphasise development of thought processes and skills needed to function in the outside world. It allows us to be creative and try new things.

The confidence and skills that it has helped me achieve is phenomenal, and I strongly recommend it to everyone. It is truly a life skill! Jehane le Grange Grade 11  Current Level 5 student

The Knowledge Network course has taught me many useful skills and enhanced my computer knowledge throughout the year. I can use these skills for the rest of my life.  Chris Warnes  Grade 8  Knowledge Network: ICT Award prizewinner 2006

Mr P.J. Maughan-Brown Information Technology Teacher St George’s Preparatory School Partner in Education from 4 August 1999
“We have moved from programming a turtle, to a modern, exciting, challenging programme that fulfills our goals in allowing our children to:
  • think for themselves,
  • develop their unique talents to the fullest,
  • and acquire valuable life skills.”


Pearson High School (10 Sep 2002)
"Pearson boasts 3 modern computer labs, providing 80 work stations in total. We are proud to say that we offer a variety of different courses and programmes in these labs.

Pearson High School implemented the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme in 2000 and we are running for our third successive year now. Pearson has found this programme to be invaluable to the pupils who are taught various exciting business applications, how to prepare and deliver professional assignments, and also enjoy the fun, creative sessions.

We offer Computer Studies SG and HG from Grade 10 to 12. Included in this curriculum is programming (Pascal and Delphi) and other practical sessions."

St Dominic's Priory Junior School (10 Sep 2002)
"Knowledge Network was introduced at our school 3 years ago. It offers both the educators and learners the opportunity to develop computer skills and to apply these skills in exciting projects. The programme is thoroughly enjoyed by all learners from Reception Phase to Senior Phase." 
Pridwin Preparatory School, Mr Simon Weaver
"What kind of characteristics must we instill in an individual for him to be able to succeed in a rapidly and constantly changing world where multiple professions are becoming the norm: where science and technology meet traditional belief systems and values head on? How do we ready him for a reality that will certainly be different to the one you and I were prepared for? By using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System."



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