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Things to remember about the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa

Knowledge Network - Preparation for World Cup and Preparation Sessions for kids and teenagers in schools using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System.

SP L01 - S11

Times Zones - when the world must turn on their TVs to view the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa tournament, soccer ball time machine.

Jabulani ball

Jo'bulani ball

Kick off


SP L01 - S08

"Did you know" presentation for fans at the Fan Fest Venues and on TV between games and waiting for games to start.

Did you know presentation for Grade 05 SP L01 learners.

SP L01 - S09

Traditional SA Picnic Basket for overseas fans.

Traditional SA Picnic Basket for fans by Rose-Act Grade 06 learners, click to view PDF file.

L01 - Getting to know you - Skype Session

SA kids talk to kids in New York, USA about school and life in South Africa and the USA. USA school receives USA team supporter gear - USA Vuvuzelas, USA car mirror socks, wrist bands, Zakumi puppet, Zakumi pens and pencils.

L05 - Info Poster

Poster on the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa venues, mascot, slogans and famous Vuvuzela / Kuduzela.

SP L02 - S11 Flyer

Shark Diving Day for fans visiting Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Shark Diving Day Flyer by Grade 06 & 07, click to view the PDF file.

SP L01 M - S03

Soccer Action Ants sticker for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa.

2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Action Ants (SP L01)

SP L01 - S03

Design a "Birds Bizz" sticker for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa.

Bird Bizz for Grade 05 or Grade 06 learners SP Level 01.

2010 World Cup Soccer Logo
24 June 2008

Logo for World Cup 2010, by Margot, Grade 06 Summerwood Primary - PE, 24 Jun 2008

SP L03 S 08

Promote a city and compare rainfall figures (Cape Town and Johannesburg) for 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa.

SP L03 S 08, Cape Town / Johannesburg average rainfall

SP L03 S 08, session for 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa event

All levels - S 31

Create signs that fans from all the different countries can understand. (International info, warning, local environmental / cultural and directional signs)

SP  L02 2009 Assessment

Assessment by Caelin Coppinger, Athlone Park Primary School - 2009

L02 2009 Assessment

Assessment by a learner at The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, South Africa - 2009







2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa - Things to remember
Fans, life for the locals and Youth Day during the World Cup 2010.
Knowledge Network preparation for the World Cup 2010.
"Welcome home."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - said to the world at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Opening Concert. 10 June 2010

Two World Cup Opening Speeches

FIFA President Sepp Blatter remarked that he was proud of the achievements of South Africa in preparation for the 2010 World Cup event and the 2010 Football World Cup was officially opened by South African President Jacob Zuma. 11 June 2010

"Enjoy yourselves."

Nelson Mandela - message to the world at the opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa tournament. Message delivered by SA President Jacob Zuma.
11 June 2010

Zakumi mascot.
Ke Nako - It's time. Ke Nako in Swahili means “It's time."
Feel it. It is here.
CELEBRATE. Football is Life. (Text on pins, cell phone bling and other FIFA licensed products.)
Opening goal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa tournament, by Siphiwe Tshabalala, Bafana Bafana in the 54th minute.
The Vuvuzela and the Kuduzela.
Mirror socks and car flags. Scarves, hats, caps and makarapas.
Sign of a Victory - by R Kelly featuring Soweto Spiritual Singers. This is the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem.
Game on - by Pitbull, Tkzee and Dario G. This is the official World Cup Mascot song.
As Mascaras - by Claudia Leitte and Lira. South Africa '10 to Brasil '14.
Waka Waka This time for Africa - by Shakira at the World Cup South Africa Opening Concert 10 June 2010. This time for Africa is the official 2010 FIFA World Cup song. (Shakira featuring Freshlyground)

Research: The original song is titled "Tsamina" or "Zangaléwa" by a Cameroon group called Golden Sounds. Waka Waka is still a popular Cameroonian marching song. The song is also popular in Colombia where it is known as "The Military" having been brought to the country by West African DJ's. This popularity is revived by the voice of Colombian Shakira.

The relevance of Waka Waka to football is that the game is often synonymous with doing battle.

Waka waka - means do the job.

Waka - means it is mine.

The Official 2010 FIFA Album called "Listen Up" features a series of South African and international artists.
Diski dance.
Bafana Bafana beats France 2 - 1. 22 June 2010
Jabulani ball, Jo'bulani ball. Jabulani means "rejoice" or "celebrate" in Zulu.
Gautrain to O R Tambo International Airport.
The sound of the Vuvuzela heard at 04:30 in the suburbs on Bafana Bafana match days.
The news report that the USA team was held up by elephants.

"A hungry elephant eating tree leaves on the road delayed the United States players who were on their way to a training session at Royal Bafokeng Stadium. The elephant was munching on a tree as the Americans left the Bakubung Bush Lodge, and it moved to the side of the road after about 4 minutes." Signs outside the hotel warn: “Elephants come close to our fence, keep a distance of 30m and please be quiet” and “Baboons are dangerous - please keep clear of them and do not feed them.” 12 June 2010

Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, UK, USA, Ghana, Germany out of the World Cup.
It is ayoba time.

Research: Ayoba is an exuberant expression of general delight and approval. It is a slang word that is thought to have roots in Johannesburg township culture.

The word is derived from other slang terms such as Ayeye or Ayoyoyo. It was originally meant as an approval/appreciation of good dancing. Ayoba is a uniquely South African slang word to express delight, excitement, agreement and approval. It may sometimes be used as a greeting.

The word is also used for cool, agreed, Okay and alright.

Thanks Jozi, for making it ayoba. Thanks PE, for making it ayoba. Thanks Bloem, for making it ayoba.
Opening and closing ceremonies.
"The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa was the best World Cup ever."
The cheers of the crowds when it was announced that Nelson Mandela was in the Soccer City Stadium on 11 July 2010.
The cheers of the crowds when Bishop Tutu said at the Opening Concert that "we owe it all to Nelson Mandela".
SA and Spain are champions. Newspaper headline 13 July 2010
The games, the goals, the players, the yellow cards, the red cards, the vibe, the moment, the fans, the people, the crazy traffic, the sound of the Vuvuzelas anywhere anytime, the South Africans.
"The people here are real." (said by a fan during an interview)
"Thank you South Africa for giving the world an unforgettable experience." FIFA President Sepp Blatter, 13 July 2010
Write the future. Nike
I'm lovin' it. McDonald's
Wavin' Flag by K'naan - music from the Coca-Cola advertisement
make.believe  Sony 3D  imagine football in 3D
Sony 3D show at the Sony Dome, Mandela Square, Sandton
Knowledge Network Sessions
Soccer 2010 Action Ants for Grade 04 / Year 04 Learners

Anthem Ants Goal Ant Bafana Bafana Ant
with Jabulani ball
Going home Ant
In the Finals Ant Winning Ants Sepp Blatter Ant Zuma Ant
Soccer 2010 Bird Bizz for Grade 05 / Year 05 or Grade 06 / Year 06 Learners

Twitter Bird Bizz Uruguay Bird Bizz USA Bird Bizz Vuvuzela Bird Bizz




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