Dubai, UAE - United Arab Emirates

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1. This is a view down Jebel Hafeet Mountain with a view of the Mineral Springs. This is the tallest mountain in the UAE, 1340 metres high.
2. This is the road driving up to the Atlantis Hotel. This is driving up the trunk onto the frond of the Palm.
3. New Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. It has sister hotels around the world. They also have a water park where you slide through a tunnel in the shark tank. This is the front of the hotel at dusk.
4. You can see the height of the Burj Dubai in comparison to the other buildings.
5. Dubai by night
6. Emirates Academy is a lovely, 'modern' Arabic style building. This is a hotel school and students do their practicals in hotels like Burj Dubai, Jumeirah Beach and the Madinat. Not many people in the world get such wonderful opportunities.
7. Aquarium at the new shopping mall.
8. Jumeirah Mosque. It is Dubai's most famous mosque because it is the only one that allows expats inside. They allow it once a week to teach visitors about Muslims.
9. This is a picture of the Oman mountains seen from the UAE side.
10. Sunset with our version of the "tree" that hides a mobile phone
11. This is a beach in Khorfakkan in the Fujairah Emirates.
12. Al Bidyah Mosque is one of the oldest places of worship in the UAE. It was built in 1446 AD with stone and mud.