Simphiwe Khambula, 2017 Grade 12 Learner, School of Merit, Edenvale, South Africa

I wrote my email to share my experiences with Knowledge Network:

The paper (4 hours) was detailed and tested a large variety of skills. Although I felt as though the duration of the paper was lengthy, it was enough to efficiently evaluate the skills of the learner.

The lessons leading up to the exam equipped me with the proper knowledge to achieve the diploma. Plenty of time, effort and perseverance was spent preparing for the paper, but it was worth it as my class achieved a 100% pass.

When it came to tasks, I achieved exceptional results. I could not have done this without the program. The five years have taught me how to effectively utilize and become comfortable with programs on the computer.

I am hopeful I will be able to achieve outstanding results in my career of tertiary education because of the program. It will aid in helping me in the future.

Kind Regards


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