Jenny Copeling Woodlands Pre-Primary Principal

With much trepidation and anticipation, myself and 7 of my pre-school teachers boarded the bus one cool winters morning bound for the Knowledge Network offices in Sandton.

On an earlier upskilling course held at Woodlands pre-primary, Jil had informed us that “coding” was the way to go and the only way to ensure success with coding was to introduce it in the pre-school. Our College IT specialist also highlighted the value of coding to us and the important role it will play in the future.

Not only had we never heard of “Coding” but the thought of presenting it to our young learners was a daunting task indeed.

Nevertheless, we arrived at the offices of Knowledge Network to be greeted by Jil with hot coffee, fresh muffins and rusks. A treat we can always count on.

After some time spent downloading the necessary app “ScratchJr” for iPads (and Androids) and “Scratch 2” for laptops we were ready to start.

Jil very patiently, as always, explained, demonstrated and re-explained each and every step allowing us to get actively involved before encouraging us to attempt the tasks on our own.

All the teachers tackled the tasks with eagerness and enthusiasm. First completing the tasks Jil gave us and then attempting to “create” their own coding activities. The course was informative, exciting and enticing. What we found encouraging is that the preschool learner is introduced to coding by physically acting out the different coding steps. They can also be involved in the recording of the voice prompts as well as contributing to the movements and being involved in the problem solving aspects of the task. Coding will become part of the existing Knowledge Network programme and serve as a conclusion to each lesson. The theme of the lesson will follow through into the coding section.

Not only did Jil include the coding for our pre-school learners but she also showed us how to do the coding on a more adult level. Thank you Jil for always reminding us of our individuality.

All my teachers reported going home to “play” and “practise”.

As we only use laptops at our pre-school an immediate order was placed for our very own iPad.

We wait in anticipation for College to start after mid-term break in order for all the teachers to introduce their learners to “coding” to conclude the Knowledge Network lesson.

Thank you Jil, we look forward to our next coding course.

Jenny Copeling

Woodlands Pre-Primary Principal

Jul 2018

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