Kingsway on Knowledge Network

Knowledge Network is the soul and pride of Kingsway Christian School. Through Knowledge Network Kingsway has confident young learners who are skilled, happy and so full of life. I say full of life because many learners look forward to the days when they have computers. They enjoy computers and they come alive. The lessons are structured, there is discipline and children have to be able to listen to instructions and to carry them out (this is a very important outcome). In computers the strength of some learners who are weak in other areas has been unearthed.The teacher is encouraging, supportive and takes so much pride in the work that the children do. She has incentives for the learners, she carefully chooses games that they can play after school or when they are done with their work and guides them in things that they want to do like projects and research. This is empowering. The children feel valued, able and important. Knowledge Network has opened a whole new window of opportunity in terms of exposure, learning in different media and careers.

Other areas of learning have been positively influenced by KN as teachers feel comfortable to explore learning through computers in other subjects such as Natural Sciences and Geography. It has increased teaching resources.Teachers love the fact that the children already have advanced knowledge and skills of using Computers and as a result the learners become active participants in their lessons and are able to maximize on their learning.Teachers learn a lot too from the learners.

It always gives us (members of staff) joy and pleasure to take our visitors and funders to the computer room.  They are always in awe of the work done in Computers especially when they walk in during a lesson. It interrupts but that’s the best opportunity to showcase the curriculum and how children’s abilities are developed.

We are privileged to have access to this program. On behalf of Kingsway Management Committee, the learners, teachers and parents I would like to thank Knowledge Network for its generosity in providing the school with the enormous opportunity of offering Knowledge Network curriculum, the training and support of our Computers teacher, Gus Cox and providing all the needed materials. We are truly blessed and grateful.

May God bless the work of your hands and the good work you do in giving so many learners and schools hope and the joy of learning and teaching.

Written by: Kgethi Dlamini (Principal)

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